Brian On Television

Since 1999 Brian has appeared on television performing magic. He has appeared on just about all local TV stations, popular TV programmes and has been guest of many personalities such as Ray Callejja and J Anvil to name a few. Brian has also been interviewed on international television.

Magician on Television

Brian Role’ has made several guest appearances and has been resident magician on Television several times. He has also appeared in a televised advert produced for Bortex Clothing. Below is the levitation short film, together with Lola Palmer shot for the TV Program Quadro in 2012 and broadcast on Net TV.

The following are just some of his past and recent appearances.

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Tlaqna (1999) 4 appearances – Television Malta TVM
Hello Ray (2000) 7 appearances – MAX PLUS TV
Raxx (2001) 4 appearances – Television Malta TVM
OK (2002) guest appearance – Television Malta TVM
~Alison White 25th Anniversary Show guest appearance – One TV
~Showtime Ma’ Acelne (2006) guest appearance – Television Malta TVM
~Showtime STS (2007/2008) resident magician 20 appearances – One TV
Ma Lynn (2008) guest appearance – Education Channel 22
La Qomna Qomna (2008) 2 guest appearances – NET TV
~Euro Showbox (2009) resident magciian 8 appearances – Television Malta   TVM
Allegria (2009) 4 appearances – One TV
Saturday Night (2009) resident magician 25 appearances – Favourite   Channel
Perspetiva (2009) guest appearance – Education Channel 22
~GEKO (2009) regular guest appearances – Net TV
L-Imqarbin (2010) resident magician Favorite Channel
Sas-Sitta (2011-2012) resident magician 35 performances – Spiteri Lucas Net TV
Cruising With The Stars (2013) guest appearance – SKY TV Cruise and Holiday Channel

TV Adverts
~Bortex Clothing (2009) – produced by Agency: ICA and The Bigger Picture   and shown on Various Stations in Malta

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