Getting Married in Malta in 2016?

This must be your lucky year!  The weather has been absolutely fantastic, with very little rain and very little cold this year, making it a brilliant year to get married in Malta. Summer is kicking in though, July and August are the hottest but it is already warm and we are just in April. Could it be that this year may be the hottest year, we have experienced, ever?  Luckily summer nights in Malta are ideal to have your reception but if you are planning to having an outdoor reception anytime before 7:00pm during July and August then be ready to sweat!

As for magic performances, this year has already been busy with performances for corporate events, private parties and already a good share of weddings even though the wedding period is not at its peak during these particular months.  Last March and this month there was Katherine and David’s, Anna and Craig’s, Maryanne and Joseph’s, Julie and Robert’s and Maria and Mark’s wedding. As always the couples were great, the groom as handsome as ever and the brides just glowing beautifully.

Anna & Craig's Wedding Day

Anna & Craig’s Wedding Day

The mums and dads are always proud of their daughter’s/sons’s day and do as much as they can to make the day glow for their offspring. The guests are really good, they are having fun with the special day and they are enjoying the magic. It is great to be able to be there with them, to entertain them, to amuse them and to keep the party atmosphere at its high until it’s time to take the first dance or cut the cake!

I am looking forward to the many bookings I already have in line for the following months, not only because they are providing me with work but because I am looking forward to meeting all these lovely couples, their parents and guests so that I can share a little bit of fun, amusements and amazement.  Although my availability is very limited, do not hesitate to get in touch if you are currently planning that special day. Maybe I may be lucky enough to slot you in.

2 thoughts on “Getting Married in Malta in 2016?

  1. Hi Brian.

    I’m getting married September this year at Villa Arrigo. Can you please send me some information on prices please.

    Kind regards

    • Dear Niamh,
      Thank you for getting in touch.
      Could you kindly fill in the form on this page so that I can check some factors, then I can see what i am able to offer you depending on what you fill in and also send you quotes. Apart from availability, my services depends highly on the type of setting, people invited and other factors each of which are different for each client. Each client gets a tailor made service from me.

      Many Thanks

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